Yaguchi Mari


One of the many, many former members of the Japanese girl-pop band Morning Musume (along with Goto Maki). She’s no longer with the group but still appears on TV and radio quite regularly, however she doesn’t seem to be producing anymore music.

Tiny and cute, she seems to have a bit of a wild/goofy personality.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Mari Yaguchi (矢口 真里, Yaguchi Mari, born January 20, 1983 in Kanagawa, Japan), is a member of the Hello! Project and former member of Morning Musume. She was a member of Tanpopo, one of the first sub groups, and also founded Minimoni, was leader of Sakura Gumi when Natsumi Abe graduated and ZYX, and was in ROMANS.

Mari Yaguchi became a member of Morning Musume during the second generation auditions, but resigned suddenly in April 2005, citing her desire to move on “as an adult” with her career. Yaguchi’s role on the Morning Musume singles was not upfront and “in-your-face”, but her contribution to the image and progress of the Hello! Project has been significant. Yaguchi’s TV show Yaguchi Hitori continues as before, and her first post-Morning Musume solo release is in the works.

Early on in the group Yaguchi was often perceived as being “the short one” as she did not stand out a lot, but by the time 4th generation joined she had dyed her hair blonde, and had become one of the most active members of the group. Her most famous phrase is “Sexy Beam!” one of her solo lines from Morning Musume’s “Koi no Dance Site” single. This line has made its way around fans and fellow musicians alike.

Yaguchi currently stars in a Japanese day time drama series called Gyarusa along with her show Yaguchi Hitori, and MC’ing Hello! Project concerts. From May 25, 2007 and up to June 6 of the same year, Yaguchi will be performing “Damn Yankees”, a popular 1955 Broadway musical at the Tokyo Aoyama Theater.


  • Romaji Name: Yaguchi Mari
  • Japanese Name: 矢口真里
  • Furigana: やぐち まり
  • Aliases: Marippe, まりっぺ, Yaguchan, やぐっつぁん
  • Birthdate: January, 20 1983
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 145cm (4’9″)
  • Weight: 39kg (86lbs)
  • Measurements: ???

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