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Nakagawa Shoko is a Japanese idol. Her father was a somewhat famous performer who died when she was young.

She is extraordinarily popular on the web and maintains a blog which is updated almost daily (linked above). A large part of her popularity comes from her interest in Akihabara, Otaku and geek culture, including anime, manga and cosplay (see imaged below) and her somewhat bizarre personality.

As with Koda Kumi, I’m not really interested in her or her music/other work, but her popularity here in Japan seemed to warrant an inclusion in this site.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Shoko Nakagawa (中川 翔子, Nakagawa Shōko?, born May 5, 1985 in Tokyo as Shiyoko Nakagawa (中川 しようこ, Nakagawa Shiyōko?)) is a Japanese idol and tarento (an actress, seiyū (voice actor), illustrator, and singer). She is the daughter of Katsuhiko Nakagawa, a celebrity in Japan in the 1980s.[citation needed]

She is represented by the Watanabe Entertainment talent agency. Her nickname is Shokotan.


Shoko Nakagawa was raised by her mother. Her father, Katsuhiko, died from leukemia when she was nine. She made her entertainment debut in 2001 and won the Grand Prix award at the Popolo Girl Audition representing the Jackie Chan talent agency. Afterwards, she was given a Jackie Chan photobook by Midorikawa Shobō during the “Yume-Ga-Oka Residence” programme on SKY PerfecTV!. She commented “I thought he was an enemy of Bruce Lee’s”, apparently referring to Enter the Dragon. In 2002, she was chosen as Miss Shōnen Magazine. She appeared in a brief section of “Kangaeru Hito” (“People who think”) on the Fuji TV network in 2004 and showed her ability as an illustrator; this won her a regular place on the later version of the programme which started with minor changes in early 2005, “Kangaeru Hitokoma” (“Thinking about one frame [of a cartoon strip]”). For one year starting in May 2005, she appeared as a regular on the TBS programme “Ōsama no Brunch”, which made her well-known among the general public. In July 2006, she released her debut CD, “Brilliant Dream”. It entered the Oricon chart at number 29, with initial sales of 6313 CDs. Nakagawa performed at Anime Expo 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3 till July 6.


She is also known for loving cosplay, buying many clothes at auctions, particularly costumes for Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Final Fantasy series and Sailor Moon.

On the May 30, 2006 airing of Kasupe!, in the section entitled Fuji Ginkō Geinōjin Satei-Gakari (フジ銀行 芸能人査定係?), “Fuji Bank Celebrity Evaluator”, it was discovered that she liked the manga Kachō Shima Kōsaku, eliciting a comment from the host, Sayaka Aoki, that she had pretty “grown-up tastes”.

On Private Lesson – Tadashii Wada Akiko no Tsukurikata (個人授業(プライベートレッスン)~正しい和田アキ子の作り方~?), “Private Lesson – The Right Way to Make an Akiko Wada”, shown on October 4, 2006, when she appeared as a tutor, she entered dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, dancing to the end theme from that anime. Immersed in the role of Haruhi, she expounded passionately on “otaku studies” in a disrespectful tone, bewildering her student, Akiko Wada, from start to finish. She showed off her cosplay versions of Misato from Evangelion (which she filmed herself), Doremi from Ojamajo Doremi, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball, and to finish, got Wada to join in, with Wada playing Rei to her Asuka, and even gave acting directions.

In the limited-edition pressing of her single “Namida No Tane, Egao No Hana”, a small photobook is enclosed of Shoko cosplaying characters Yoko and Nia from “Gurren Lagann”. Her song “Sora-Iro Days” was used in the series’ opening sequence, and “Namida No Tane, Egao No Hana” serves as the credits music for its second OAV, “Lagann-hen”. Fans refer to her as “Shoko-Yoko” when in cosplay of this series.


Her official blog, Shokotan * Blog, opened in 2004. By April 2006 it had received a total of 100 million hits. On February 2, 2008, the daily Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun reported that her blog had been accessed 1 billion times. As one might expect from her personality, most entries are otaku-style. She updates extremely regularly, which may be related to her compulsive personality, but also because she uses it as a kind of notepad, as she admitted in an interview. In the month of April 2005, there were 600 updates and on January 28, 2006, there were 70 updates, a record number for a single day. It is likely that she holds the record for the greatest number of blog updates by an idol. She has become known as the “New Queen of the Blog”, after the original “Queen of the Blog”, Kaori Manabe. Due to her blog’s popularity, in September 2005, Koma Books released a compilation of her blog entries, also titled Shokotan * Blog.

From September 2004, posters on the News Sokuhō (VIP) Ita bulletin board on 2 Channel, which had just been set up, took note of her otaku-style interests and her drawings, which were very different from what one might expect from an idol. She came to be treated as the idol of that board. Because of this, she started to use the slang dialect of the board in her blog, writing ASCII art and imitating Raizon Naitō in her photographs.

After her appearance on a telethon, the number of visits to her blog increased, leading to continual trackback spamming by pornography sites, businesses and show business news sites, making it difficult for her to update the blog. Sometimes “non title” was displayed instead of the title, or entries she posted were not displayed. As a result, the trackback function was suspended, and the page became a published diary, rather than a blog. At present, fans can only send her messages in real time via her mobile phone guestbook, for which there is a fee.

Her blog also shows that other than cats, she also keeps a tortoise, albino corydoras and clione.


She is so fond of cats that she once took home an abandoned cat she found while filming. She has recently taken in three cats, one out of kindness for an owner who was ill.[1] At present she keeps seven cats as pets. They are Chibita (a spotted male, also called “Nekomura” because he looks like Neco Nekomura from Kyō no Nekomura-san (きょうの猫村さん?), “Today’s Helping of Nekomura-san”), Mami (a female tortoiseshell, named after Magical Angel Creamy Mami, also called “Mamitasu” or “mmts”), Luna (a black male, named after Luna from Sailor Moon), Raijiro (a spotted male named after Yujiro Hanma (範馬勇次郎, Hanma Yūjirō?) of the anime Baki the Grappler), and new additions Kung Fu Panda, Jojo, and Milk Bun.

Of these seven, she particularly adores Mami, who appears in her blog frequently. Mami’s cute looks have attracted many “Mamitasu fans”; she has appeared on television and in magazines, and was the subject of a photobook, “Giza * Mamitasu!!”, published in August 2006. Another sign of Nakagawa’s adoration for Mami is an act which appears frequently in her blog, called “good smell” (putting one’s nose to the rear of a cat and smelling it). Mami has also been made to join her owner’s cosplay, particularly as Luna from Sailor Moon, although recently the black cat Luna has taken over this position..

Profile (Click names to search Google Images)

  • Romaji Name: Shoko Nakagawa
  • Japanese Name: 中川翔子
  • Aliases: しょこたん, shokotan, ショコタス, shokotasu
  • Birthdate: May 5, 1985
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 156 cm (5’1″)
  • Weight: unknown
  • Measurements: 84 – 58 – 84 cm, C cup

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