Goto Maki


Goto Maki is another former member of the Japanese all-girl pop-group Morning Musume (along with Yaguchi Mari. She was with the group for a long time (since she was 13 I think) and has more recently started a solo career. Her most recent album marked a fairly big change from the sort of silly, cute, childish type music and appearance that Morning Musume are generally known for, to a much more adult-oriented and sexy look. When here new album and the promotional pictures for it were released there was a lot of talk on the Japanese net about how drastic and sudden the change was, with a lot of people even going so far as to compare new look to AV (adult video) covers.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

(後藤真希, Gotō Maki, born September 23, 1985 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan) is a J-pop singer and part of Hello! Project. She is a former member of Morning Musume and has performed in numerous Hello! Project subgroups such as Petitmoni, Akagumi 4, 7-nin Matsuri, Sexy 8, Gomattou and Nochiura Natsumi.

In 1999, Maki Goto was selected as the only member for the 3rd generation of Morning Musume. Their first single after Goto joined, “Love Machine” sold over a million copies, over nine times the amount of copies they had sold for their previous single. During her time in Morning Musume she was one of the founding members of Pucchi Moni and she started a solo singing career in 2001 with the single “Ai no Bakayarō” (愛のバカやろう, “Ai no Bakayarō”?). Until her graduation from Morning Musume she was one of the leading vocalists in most of the songs released. Post-graduation she has mostly concentrated on her solo career and occasionally on limited time Hello! Project units such as Gomattou, Nochiura Natsumi and DEF.DIVA. As time has passed, she has increasingly concentrated on acting in addition to singing.

In early 2007, Goto was chosen to be a member of Morning Musume Tanjō 10-nen Kinentai (モーニング娘。誕生10年記念隊, Morning Musume Tanjō 10-nen Kinentai?) – a unit created to celebrate Morning Musume’s 10th anniversary as a group. Morning Musume Tanjō 10-nen Kinentai also consists of Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Risa Niigaki and Koharu Kusumi. Their single, Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA (僕らが生きるMY ASIA, Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA?), was released on January 24, 2007.

Her latest single, Secret (シークレット, Secret?), was released on April 11, 2007.


  • Romaji Name: Goto Maki
  • Japanese Name: 後藤真希
  • Furigana: ごとう まき
  • Aliases: Gottchan, Gocchan, ゴッチャン, Gomaki, ゴマキ, Gocchin, ごっちん, gottsuan, ごっつぁん, gomachan, ごまちゃん
  • Birthdate: September 23, 1985
  • Birthplace: Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 158.8cm
  • Weight: ??
  • Measurements: ??

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